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Services We Offer

We have years of experience with audio and lighting. Our highly skilled service department can repair most DJ and PA equipment. With the knowledge of the industry and its ever evolving technology we are confident that most repairs can be carried out.

To maintain and offer a high standard of service, we no longer repair equipment purchased from elsewhere.
Due to the demand of repairs on equipment purchased from elsewhere, we have made a big decision to only offer our repair service to equipment purchased from DJ Supplies. This enables us to be committed to our customers that support us. We will offer warranty repairs and out of warranty repairs on equipment only purchased from DJ Supplies, this also means faster turnaround times. We will require proof of purchase to book in any repairs or the work may be rejected.

Our turn around on most equipment repairs is usually upto 10 working days and on simple repairs can be sooner. Unlike some companies we do most warranty repairs in our workshop and on some occasions may need to send equipment back to the manufactures. Out of warranty repairs we charge a fee for a fault evaluation, this covers our time to diagnose the fault and work out the cost of the repair. If you have the repair work done then we deduct the initial fault evaluation fee from the total cost of the repair. If for some reason you do not have the equipment repaired because it is too costly or spares are unavailable, you have only been charged for the initial fault evaluation fee which covers our time spent on the repair. All repaired equipment carry a 3 month warranty against the original fault and the warranty starts from the date the repair is finished. We also carry out minor repairs like replacing lamp holders, re soldering loose wiring and lead making. Minor repairs will be priced accordingly and usually the fault evaluation fee is waived. It is advisable to book in your repair as early as possible, especially if you require it for a certain date, we try to keep to a time scale, but cannot be held responsible if your repair is not finished for a specific date. It is not unusual for equipment with intermittent faults to be booked in several times, due to the nature of the fault and on this occasion you will only be charged one fault evaluation fee. 

Routine servicing helps prevent equipment failure. In this industry servicing seems to be non existent and usually the damaged caused could have been prevented from a regular service, this could potentially save money in the long term. In the harsh environment of being on the road, something as simple as dust build up or loose parts can damage sensitive electronic components. To maintain and offer a high standard of service, we no longer service equipment purchased from elsewhere.

PAT Testing although not a legal requirement, but it is good practice for all electrical equipment to be periodically tested for compliance with safety regulations. This ensures your electrical equipment is safe to use and is not a potential danger to anybody. We can PAT test your equipment to make sure your electrical equipment meet with current safety regulations. It is advised that you book in your equipment for testing, and we can usually have all the testing done within 24hrs. At present we do not do site visits so all testing is done in house. We can supply a PAT Test Certificate with all the relevant information printed and we will send out a reminder to let you know when the current certificate expires, so you can re-book you equipment for further testing. Brand new equipment does not require testing until it is 12 months old, but if a venue requires a test certificate then usually you will have to have it PAT Tested. 


Our Best Services

  • Speaker Repairs

    Blown a driver or your active speaker wont power up. Give us a call we can repair most loudspeakers.

  • Mixer Repairs

    Broken faders or intermittent sound? We can repair most brands of DJ mixers.

  • DJ Controllers

    Beer spillage into DJ Controllers is a common problem. Most popular brands of DJ Controllers repaired.

  • Lasers

    Laser very dim or missing colour? We can fix it. Most lasers can be repaired. 

  • LED Lighting

    Most popular branded led lights can be repaired. Give us a call and book a service request now.

  • LED Moving Heads

    Juddery movement or no light output? We have a lot of experience with moving heads.

  • Haze & Smoke Machines

    Haze machine stopped hazing? They can be repaired and brought back to their former glory.

  • Wireless Microphones

    Microphone cuts out or buzzes? We can repair most poplar brands of microphones.

  • Amplifier Repairs

    Amplifier gone bang or stopped working. We can Repair all types of amplifiers.