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Audio Genie II USB Interface-Digital DJ-DJ Supplies Ltd
Audio Genie II USB Interface-Digital DJ-DJ Supplies Ltd
Audio Genie II USB Interface-Digital DJ-DJ Supplies Ltd
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Audio Genie II USB Interface

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The ADJ Audio Genie allows you to record digitally onto a PC.

  • PC and MAC compatible


  • Works with Audacity recording software


  • Connect and capture the audio output of any source


  • Record to your PC/Laptop or MAC


  • Plug and play device, no drivers required


  • Power supplied via USB


  • 2 analogue inputs/outputs, Switchable between line and phono


  • Includes ground connection for turntable
  • AKA Citronic AC1 USB Interface (AC-1)

A great little gadget from ADJ, bridging the gap between analogue and digital. This high quality USB soundcard is designed to connect your turntable, mixer or CD player and convert the signal to digital, the USB connector plugs into your PC/MAC and allows you to record the audio using the software provided. There is also an analogue output so it can be linked between an existing system to record. Ideal for converting vinyl to MP3 and creating live mixes.


The Audio Geni II has many uses apart from recording vinyl and DJ use, it can also be used to record live bands, simply by connecting to the record output of your mixing desk you can capture the live sound.


Supplied with Audacity software for windows. Audacity is a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds available for Windows. The Audio Genie can also be used with other sound recording software.

Download Free Audacity Software

- 16-bit/44.1 kHz AD/DA converter
- Line input gain knob
- Line/ phono selector
- stereo input - stereo output
- RCA analog connections
- USB bus - powered, adapter-free
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 75x107x30.5mm
- Weight: 0.3 kgs

Import audio using these programs (plus others)
- Windows: Audition
- Macintosh: Garage Band, Audio Hijack Pro(OSX)

System Requirements:
- OS: Microsoft Windows 98se/ME/ 2000/ XP/Vista
- Computer: Windows compatible computer with a USB connector*
- CPU/ Clock: pentinum II processor 233 MHz or higher(win98SE/ ME)
- Pentinum II processor 400MHz or higher (win2000)
- Memory(RAM): 64 MB or more
- Hard Disk: 120 MB or more
- Display: 800x600 or higher/ 65,536 colors (16 bit High Color) or more.

- OS: Mac, Mac OSX.
- Computer: Apple Macintosh Series with on-board USB
- CPU/ Clock: PowerPC G3/300 MHz or higher
- Memory(RAM): 96MB or more (Application memory 32 MB or more)
- Hard Disk: 120 MB or more
- Display/ Colors: 800x600 or higher