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DJ Jingles Volume 4 Cd-DJ Jingles-DJ Supplies Ltd
DJ Jingles Volume 4-DJ Jingles-DJ Supplies Ltd
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DJ Jingles Volume 4

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Single CD  - 133 Tracks


  • 13 Show Openers 


  • Classic Artist Voiceover Intros


  • 1 & 2 Minute Competition Beds


  • Essential Toolkit Songs


  • Sound Effects


  • Comedy Sketches


  • Show Closers inc. 'That's All Folks'


Volume 4 of the Pro Use series is the favorite of many broadcasters and DJ's due to the quality of the produced material, and the immortal voice quality of a certain Mr. Bob Stewart ex. of Radio Luxembourg.

The Show Openers have some really great themes and voiceovers to ensure you start off your show in the best possible way. With topical themes such as Mission Impossible and a Mixed Up Thunderbirds, alongside elaborate productions which feature the Moon Landing Samples, and some tongue in cheek inserts this is a great CD for openers.

A selection of Hot Drops leads us into the Classic Introductions. Four Classic Artists have the immortal voice of Bob Stewart giving a very brief overview of their career before you kick into one of there tracks (in the way that Paul Gambachini used to do in his brilliant 'Masters of Rock' Radio Series many years ago on Radio 1).

After this the CD leads into full music backed and sung tracks that would cost many hundreds of pounds if they were custom written for individuals.

A selection of radio style idents follow but these are name checked for DJ's, Clubs, Disco's and Radio so that you can use whichever one is suitable for you.

Some great comedy leads us to some essential toolkit songs ('We'll Meet Again', '21 Today' and 'For You're a Jolly Good Fellow' get the Ultimate treatment). These are all new versions.


From here there are some specific radio jingles followed by some jingles to take you into a mid show break (buffets, etc.) and some versatile Sound Effects.

The late night smooch love zone section leads us to the closers section featuring God Save The Queen and of course by then it's 'That's All Folks'.

A great CD with something for all manner of DJ's.












Thirteen Classic show openers to really start your show in a way to remember






A deep 'devilish' voiceover delivers a great dynamic message with The Omen music building up to a thunder strike ending.



Ladies and gentlemen, coming at you loud, live and direct from the darkest depths of your imagination Welcome to tonight's entertainment. (0.23)









A novel use of the 5,4,3,2,1 Thunderbirds intro where it is in the wrong order, a second attempt is no better, so a mechanical robot fixes it to be as it should be and it ends with an almighty explosion!



5,2,3,1,4, - 5,2,4,1,3, - SFX - 5,4,3,2,1, Thunderbirds Are Go - Explosion (0.59)









A wooly organ leads into a straight voiceover



Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to tonight's entertainment (0.07)









A well produced atmospheric bed with a deep voice over inferring great anticipation as to what is about to come.



Since the beginning of time man has sought the ultimate in audio and visual entertainment today he is almost reached perfection, digital sound and laser light technology tonight you are about to experience the latest stage in discotheque evolution expect the unexpected. (0.36)









Quick paced intro with musical backing ending with crowd noise



Dressed like a prat and eager to please, ladies and gentlemen here's your DJ for tonight.(0.15)









A great topical themed opener with a TV dramatic voice leading into an explosion at the end.



A man with a mission to inform and entertain, to provide the best possible mix of quality sound and light Ladies and gentlemen if you are ready this discotheque will self destruct in 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds,, 1 second (0.27)









Showtime style introduction, slightly tongue in cheek.



Ladies and gentlemen your DJ for tonight has spent hours setting up his lights he's spent ages performing sound checks and he's refraind from touching the buffet, yet. He's keeping reasonably sober and is prepared to play just about anything you care to ask for, get ready for a very special night & party celebration. (0.28)









Typical Cheesey 'jobsworth' voiceover with pops, and breaths and mic taps!



Testing, testing, good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, if you would like to prepare yourselves we are about read to commence with tonight's exciting entertainment. (0.18)









Great VO with loads of background sound effects



Full range quality sound, spectacular lighting, hit music, party tracks and big club classics, complete entertainment all night long, ladies and gentlemen this is a new element in discotheque history.(0.19)









Superb opener utilising the moon landing samples to great effect.



Another night with the DJ who gives you more of what you want, stand back and take cover ladies and gentlemen we have contact, it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.(0.20)









Beaty background track with rich voiceover.



Last night the DJ played the best dance music till 2.00 am, he spent the rest of the night making love he spent all day searching for the best new releases in every record store in town, he's been drinking since 6 o'clock his head is throbbing like a cobbler's thumb and he's going to do exactly the same tonight (0.39)









Deep USA Voice in quick link type opener.



The night of the living legend, man, machine and music in full effect (0.16)









Six different options of a radio tuning in to a voiceover ending. Simple to use and effective.



13.1 [Radio Tuning (RT)] and now it's time for.(0.16)



13.2 [RT] are you ready for this.(0.13)



13.3 [RT] we interrupt this program to bring you.(0.16)



13.4 [RT] please re-tune your radio to another frequency(0.16)



13.5 [RT] tuning in to a new sound.(0.16)



13.6 [RT] taking control of the airwaves.(0.16)









Put down your knitting grandma, the real entertainment starts here. (0.05)









A massive batch of links some dry, effected, music backed, male, sung, female & deep voices.



15. Four hits in a row, back to back to back to back.(0.06)



16. My mom likes this one but don't let that put you off.(0.05)



17. Hey it's another smash hit.(0.04)



18. Non stopping, hot rocking, back to back music. The hits just keep coming.(0.04)



19.1 Worldwide hits from the global jukebox (0.09) 19.2 [Dry version](0.04)



20. Lets check out the groove on a big hit sound, that's making it for the 2nd time around, 2nd time around (0.12)



21. The hit resurrection from beyond the grave. Dead and gone but the legend lives on.(0.07)



22. Classic revival replay.(0.12)



23. Back in business, revived and reworked, restored and renewed, re-released and re-remembered the hit resurrection (0.08)



24.1 Cor this ain't arf dusty , its been along time since its been placed innit (0.04)



24.2 Look at this will you, leave it out, it's covered in dust this record when was the last time you played this crap (0.07)



25. This is the show that plays the music from the 50's 60's 70's and 80's all in the classic style of the 1990's (0.15)



26.1 Playing the music you want to hear, its disco dedication time.(0.14)



26.2 Playing the music you want to hear, the radio request line(0.04)









Whether on radio, club or mobile, these introductions will lead you brilliantly into a specialist set.



Deep Voice delivered dry with maximum impact!



27. Michael Jackson long spoken intro.(0.39)



28. Rolling Stones long spoken intro.



29. Elvis Presley long spoken intro.



30. The Beatles long spoken intro.









Mega produced tracks to set you on a par with the best! Some of these tracks can be heard on radio stations worldwide.



31. The show that brings the hits of the 20th century.



32. Moving in the right direction, bringing us up to date, we're going back to the future.



33. The complete music program with solid gold Soul, red hot Rock, the swinging 60's, Motown magic,



34. The masters of rock.



35. Hip swinging, pulse beating, love making, foot kicking, beat keeping, body jerking...Boogie



36. Hair down, head shakin' 12 bar boogie.



37. Heavy makes you happy.









Multi Use Options on most of these tracks allow their use in most environments.



38.1 Going for gold with your classic hit disco.



38.2 Going for gold with your classic hit station



38.3 Going for gold with your classic hit DJ



39. The show for the 90's, the ultimate selection.



40.1 The DJ with 5 inches of solid CD Soul. (sung out)



40.2 The DJ with 5 inches of solid CD Soul [Dry out]



41. If you're going to ask for a request, don't forget..



42.1 Probably the best DJ in the world.



42.2 Probably the best Mobile disco in the world...



42.3 Probably the best Nightclub in the world.



42.4 Probably the best Radio station in the world.



43. The DJ's theory of relativity. Every action...



44.1 The complete music program from the Mobile discotheque...



44.2 The complete music program from the Radio station



45.1 Whatever your musical tastes from reggae to rock'n'roll, this is the Mobile disco that will satisfy your soul



45.2 Whatever your musical tastes from reggae to rock'n'roll, this is the Radio station that will satisfy your soul



45.3 Whatever your musical tastes from reggae to rock'n'roll, this is the Disc Jockey that will satisfy your soul



46. When only the best will do, this is the Mobile discotheque that brings you professional entertainment...



47. Who said this DJ's a cowboy.



48. Facing the future, the masters of reality, living up to your expectations.



49. Spin by spin, day by day, hit by hit, beat by beat,



50. Come on, get connected to the essential, supply.



51.1 The new releases as they happen [female]



51.2 The new releases as they happen [Male]



52. I say, lets have another delightful dance tune just like that last one



53.1 Bringing you, right on cue, upfront music from your upfront DJ



53.2 Bringing you, right on cue, upfront music from your upfront Club



53.3 Bringing you, right on cue, upfront music from your upfront Disco



53.4 Bringing you, right on cue, upfront music from your upfront Station



54.1 The DJ with his finger on the pulse playing the dance beats back to back.



54.2 The Nightclub with his finger on the pulse playing the dance beats back to back.



54.3 The Disco with his finger on the pulse playing the dance beats back to back.



54.4 The Station with his finger on the pulse playing the dance beats back to back.



55.1 Solid gold from DJ that's got soul 55.2 [Dry]



55.3 Solid gold from the Station that's got soul 55.4 [Dry]









As ever - a very popular selection on an Ultimate CD. This selection gives a good variation in styles to suit most tastes.



56. Only this DJ can do this as he refreshes the part that other DJ's cannot reach.



57. This DJ's a virgin, tonight's the night same as last week.



58. Your DJ's just had a brilliant idea, but please don't try this at home, you'll look a right Prat



59. This DJ is 100% digital, but he still loves a bit of fluff on his stylus.



60. This DJ has a virgin sense of humour, it takes a lot of getting into, but once your there its fabulous.



61. Tell me professor, I'd like a second opinion...



62. Please do not complain about the beer in this venue, you too may be old and flat someday.



63. Here's a record for all the guys that are wearing white socks tonight, you turkeys.



64. Just how big are you? Well ma'am I'm 5' 10" ?



65. Who has control of that damn smoke machine?



66. Somebody has asked if we have any simple minds. Yes of course we do, they're by the door...



67. you've had enough to drink, your face is blurred.



68. Our phase shift capacitive modulator has gone out of sequence with our pulse regeneration simulator...



69. Hold on to your underwear, something strange...









A small selection of quite essential songs which should be in every DJ's collection. For a more comprehensive collection check out The Occasions, Birthday, & Christmas Disc.



70.1 The celebration that deserves a very special dedication. [Female]



70.2 The celebration that deserves a very special dedication. [Male]



71. We'll meet again [alternate version]



72. We'll meet again [traditional version]



73. For you're a jolly good fellow



74. 21 today [alternate version]



75. 21 today [traditional version]









Sung & music backed deep voiceovers for use on air & with options for DJ use.



76.1 Stereo FM that means fantastic music from your favourite DJ 76.2 Radio station.



77. This is Rock'n'Roll radio, tune it in, rip the knob off, don't touch that dial, stay tuned for much more...



78. The station that brings you the music from every decade, every day of the week, every hour of the day.



79. If you want it, phone it in and we'll play it, the request show on your radio...



80. The radio station big enough to count but...



81.1 Back to back....hit after hit radio (sung).



81.2 Back to back....hit after hit radio [Dry]



81.3 Back to back, solid gold, hit after hit music. [Dry]









Amazingly useful tracks for that mid show break whether on radio or working on the mobile circuit.



82. It's time to take a break, but we'll be back ...



83. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together, the best is yet to come, we've only just begun...



84.1 Ladies and gentlemen the buffet is open. (with fanfare)



84.2 Ladies and gentlemen the buffet is open [Dry]









Simple but nevertheless impressive beds to use when running a competition to add a pro touch.



85. 1 minute competition music bed [synth style]



86. 2 minute competition music bed [synth style]



87. 1 minute competition music bed [humorous]



88. 2 minute competition music bed [humorous]