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The XXXX Dj Jingles Cd

Now sold as 'The XXXX Disc' due to the threat of being sued! Basically a CD of adverts & sketches as you've never heard them before. Recorded to full broadcast...

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Now sold as 'The XXXX Disc' due to the threat of being sued! Basically a CD of adverts & sketches as you've never heard them before. Recorded to full broadcast standards by the people responsible for thousands of adverts that you hear everyday. Only this time their tongue is firmly in their cheek.


Leave this page if you are easily offended or if you are under 18

55 Tracks

YES! This is the CD they tried to ban!

  • The Original Release

Contains some rude language. Broad Sense of Humour required.

We've taken the decision to only include the track titles on this track listing (some of which are funny in themselves!) as we do not want our ORIGINAL comedy ripped off for nothing!

1. Sex The First Time

2. Holiday Fashion

3. Dwibblers of Dwonfield

4. Mandys Mobile Masseurs

5. Bernstein's Porkless Scratchings

6. Karaoke FM

7. Rhino's Breath Beer

8. The Happy Poppadom

9. Cover Versions Volume 2

10. Mitchell's Motors

11. Scum Fast

12. Christmas at Grabenhams

13. 18 to Herpes

14. Bodgit and Leggit

15. Kangaroo Love Juice Beer

16. Pyrex (sketch)

17. The Bollux Directory

18. Date-a-Mate

19. Radio Luxembourg - The Best of

20. Captain Condom (sketch)

21. DJ Wankly

22. Legover Travel

23. Incontinent Car 2

24. Cum-To-Me

25. Dyslexic Hold Up (sketch)

26. Zits Nite Spot

27. Trainspotters Monthly

28. Witness (sketch)

29. The Nutcrackers

30. The Elvis Spotters Society

31. Quick Shit Shifter

32. HOR - Fitted Bedrooms

33. Dr. Loves Plastic Surgery

34. Shopping (sketch)

35. The Wipe Away Plastic Sheet

36. Red Light Area

37. Uncle Toms Coblies

38. Broken Glass

39. Captain Conservatory

40. Christmas Countdown (sketch)

41. Pantomime

42. Honest Jon's Motors

43. Night Club Chat Up (sketch)

44. Wanks-R-Us

45. Wigs

46. Private Dicks

47. Piss Easy Passing

48. The Cock 'n' Fanny

49. The Shit Shifting Clearance Sale

50. Glamour Photography

51. The Clock on Your Cock

52. The Telephone Ansa Machine

53. Little Red Riding Hood (sketch)

54. Diggit & Dump

55. Crispy Pigs Nipples

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