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Ultimate Occasions DJ Jingles Cd-DJ Jingles-DJ Supplies Ltd
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Ultimate Occasions DJ Jingles Cd

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Every single, song and drop-in that could be used around any occasion imaginable. A large section on weddings features everything from various length versions of Here Comes the Bride and the Wedding March, through to tracks that arrange the first dance, cake cutting, and a celebration as the Bride and Groom leave. Every other occasion has a cross section of material to enhance it - New Years Eve, Anniversaries, St.Patricks Night, Valentines, Kids Parties, Award ceremonies, Sports Nights, you name it!

Two CD Set  - Over 190 Tracks


  • A complete set of jingles, drops, & songs

  • 7 new versions of Auld Lang Syne.
  • 20 tracks covering every aspect of a wedding function

  • Jingles for all the anniversary elements.

  • Selection of fanfares and jingles

  • Many traditional British songs including the National Anthem


Two CD Set - Tracklisting



All the essentials for New Years Eve. Auld Lang Syne, a countdown & the chimes. Seven options so you can use which is most suitable to the crowd you are with.


[First New Year Gong is exactly 20 seconds after start of track, so to land bang on  you must start this track at 11.59 & 40 seconds] (total time is 3min 53secs)

Starts with the Big Ben chimes. The first gong is set to hit at 12.00 which most DJ's work to. On the first 'gong' the voice announces "Happy New Year". This is followed by The Ultimate Party Auld Lang Syne (as tk. 2) with The Chimes cleverly chiming to the beat!


Novel medley featuring:- Auld Lang Syne - into - Scotland The Brave - into - Auld Lang Syne - into - You Take The High Road - back into - Auld Lang Syne.


Instrumental version of the above track with brass section


Trumpet & flute led instrumental rendition.


Tenor Soloist with Choral backing


Powerful Rock Instrumental with lead guitar break






The most common functions for many DJ's. Essential music & utility jingles to give newly weds a night to remember.

Main Tracks

10.Here Comes The Bride

 Instrumental music bed


11.The Wedding March

12.Church Bells Tolling - Sound Bed

Thirty seconds of the traditional wedding church bells.

13.The Wedding Jingle

A music bed to be used for voice overs or incidental music with influences from Here Comes The Bride.

The First Dances

14.Ladies & gentlemen, may I have your attention please. Can we now clear the floor as we invite the bride & groom for their 1st dance.

This is the track to get the bride & groom on the dance floor for the first dance, using the wedding march as a music bed.

15.Ladies & Gentlemen - The Bride & Groom

Starts with a traditional mace knock to get the audiences attention for the Bride & Groom.

Through The Night Jingles

16.Wedding day celebrations

Stuttered male voice Link

17.Bride . Groom . Best man ..Bridesmaid Ha he ah

Tommy Cooper Impression

18.Wedding March Sting

A Short rendition of The Wedding March jingle into multiple cheers & whistles.

Cake Cutting Time

19.This is a special announcement. In few minutes there will be a great photo opportunity when the bride & groom are going to cut the cake, so get your camera's ready now

Straight voice announcement into camera flashes.

20.Ladies & gentlemen, if you would like to get your camera's & video recorders ready, the bride & groom are about ready to cut the cake

Straight male voice.

21.Cake cutting vocal music bed

Music bed with Impression voice's from Lloyd Grossman & Worzel Gummidge about the Wedding Cake.


22.Ladies & gentlemen, the buffet is now being served. May we take this opportunity to invite the bride & groom, & members of the top table to the buffet. Everyone else please feel free to follow when they've finished. Thank You

Track to introduce buffet with wedding march bed & male voice.

23.Everyone has had their fill & now its time to celebrate with the happy couple - its party time!

Track to start the party after the buffet break. The Wedding March, into male voice with outro sweep

The Bride & Groom Leave

24.Ladies & Gentlemen, it's time to say goodbye to The Bride & Groom

A straight male voice over that goes straight into track 25.

25.You'll Never Walk Alone - Instrumental.

A long track to give plenty of time for the bride & groom to say goodbye to their guests. This track runs straight out of track 24 above. If you run out of time you can quickly skip back to the start of the instrumental (track 25) without getting the voice again. If you only wish to use the voice-over then set your CD player to single play on track 24. The instrumental to 'You'll Never Walk Alone' also acts as a great extension to the original which is notoriously short, so you could easily follow with this.

26.The Bride & Groom are about to depart, Ladies & gentlemen would you please make 2 lines between the dance floor & the exit door to give everyone the chance to say goodbye & wish them well on the start of their journey into married life together

A straight male voice that goes straight into track 27

27.Celebration - Instrumental

Sequenced in the same format as tracks 24 & 25

28.The bride & groom are about to depart, & lets face it the last thing they want to be doing is spend the rest of the night talking to you lot, they have some very important business to take care of.

Voice with squeaking bed.

29.Consummation, a game for 2 people & a large bed.

A male voice over a bed of clapping & cheering.

30.Ladies & Gentlemen, The Bride & Groom have now left the building - But the party continues

A warning alarm sound effect into a 'PA' style male voice.


The professional way to customise a most popular celebration

The Classic Track

31.The Anniversary Waltz - Sung Version

Female soloist of the classic waltz

32.The Anniversary Waltz - Instrumental Version

Instrumental with the flute taking the lead

Multi Use Pro Jingles

33.Still going strong. Congratulations! on your anniversary

Camera flashing & congratulations along with male VO.

34.Happy anniversary...again. It only seems like 12 months since the last one.

Straight Victor Meldrew impression.

35.Happy anniversary. We look forward to many more!

Straight male voice an Anniversary Waltz style bed.

36.Anniversary party celebrations

Straight Male voice with a sound effect whoosh in & out.

The Two Big Ones

37.Silver Anniversary celebrations!

Anniversary waltz sting with an male VO & sound effect.

38.Chorus line from 'Gold'. Happy golden anniversary!

An energetic track with a dynamic voice & explosion.

The Yearcheck Anniversary's

A jingle for any anniversary scenario

This listing contains the original elements..

39.Paper for the 1st

40.Cotton for the 2nd

41.Leather for the 3rd

42.Fruit for the 4th

43.Wood for the 5th

44.Candy for the 6th

45.Wool for the 7th

46.Bronze for the 8th

47.Pottery for the 9th

48.Tin for the 10th

49.Steel for the 11th

50.Silk for the 12th

51.Lace for the 13th

52.Ivory for the 14th

53.Crystal for the 15th

54.China for the 20th

55.Silver for the 25th

56.Pearl for the 30th

57.Coral for the 35th

58.Ruby for the 40th

59.Sapphire for the 45th

60.Gold for the 50th

61.Emerald for the 55th

62.Diamond for the 60th

63.Diamond for the 75th



Voice Over Track

64.The Engagement Mix.

A track with an engagement theme to use as a voice over bed, or as incidental music. Contains relevant samples.

Through The Night Jingles

65.Engagement celebrations!

A VO in a dynamic jingle. Great for adding excitement.

66.To the happy couple, congratulations.

A straight male voice with glasses clinking after it.

Light Hearted Jingles

67.Check out that ring! Nice ice baby!

A very deep American voice over a background crowd, that leads into the intro. of 'Ice Ice Baby'.

68.This is only the engagement, remember - it's not to late to change your mind! You can still escape.

A Vincent Price impression over a somber music backing.

69.So she got engaged. Let's see if she can last more than a few months this time!

Victor Meldrew Impression. Caution of use is advised!

70.Oh, don't they make a lovely couple!

Julian Clary Impression.

71.Song -Starting Together The last thing you need to hear when you are planning to get married is Sue Pollard!

The track ended by an 'Arnie' style voice & his favourite gun



Intro. Jingles

72.Time for a party, it's St Patrick's night, let the celebrations begin!

A dynamic jingle, with a male voice & sound effects.

73.Hello boys & girls, & you Irish people. Yes it's St. Patrick's night. This is the time for celebrating the patron saint of Ireland- old Paddy. Yes, we can all consume large amounts of alcoholic beverage, be rowdy, sing & then, be sick. Yes sick, & everyone can participate. So drink vast amounts for St. Patrick, it's how everyone celebrates these days. Join in, you know it makes sense.

An old pathe style newsreel jingle with posh voice & hiss.

Irish Music

74.The Wild Rover - Vocal Version

Soloist sings this traditional song at a relaxed pace.

75.Irish Jig Medley - Instrumental

A medley of a jigs gradually increasing in pace.

Through The Night Jingles

76.Happy St. Patricks Night

A straight male voice over an Irish jig music bed.

77.Ah St.
 Patrick, the patron saint of, getting drunk!

A male Irish voice.

78.It's time to celebrate St Patricks day so let the party countdown begin...10 9 7 4 6 3 5 2 8 1Pure Genius

A party crowd under a male voice into a confused countdown



General Jingles

79.Bonfire night celebrations!

Various firework noises underneath the male voice.

80.Remember, the 5th Nov. Don't play with fireworks.

Formal warning.

Firework Humour

81.Don't Play With Fireworks - Sketch

In the garden, a kid tries his best to play with fireworks!



82.Hey these styles look fabulous. It is just that I don't know anyone who is 7 stone, 6ft tall & size 8? But if I did, I'd tell them to buy that!

A female comments around the hustle of the catwalk.

83.It is not true that most male models are gay. They walk like that due to the regular wearing of a particular type of undergarment, that's all.

Julian Clary Impression.



Fanfare Openers

1. Entrance Fanfare - Traditional

A traditional regal trumpet fanfare.

2. Entrance Fanfare - Rock

A rock style version of a traditional fanfare

3. Entrance Fanfare - Modern

A drum roll into a modern fanfare

Songs & Chants

4. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow - Vocal

A group sung traditional version.

5. For She's a Jolly Good Fellow - Vocal

As above but for the ladies.

6. Congratulations - Instrumental Bed

A talkover bed of the classic 'Congratulations'.

7. Three Cheers...Hip hip - Hooray!

A young crowd shouted cheer, in the traditional style.


8. Hit the road jack - Short vocal sting.

A short version which has many possible uses.

9. Goodbye Song - Short vocal sting.

Short traditional version.


10.Scotland The Brave - Instrumental

A straight, traditional interpretation. Full length.

11.The National Anthem - Traditional Vocal

A straight, traditional interpretation of the first verse

12.The National Anthem - Traditional Instrumental

As above but with the trumpet taking the lead.

13.The National Anthem - Pop Instrumental

A version that would be suited to a young crowd.

14.The National Anthem - Lead Guitar Instrumental

Lead Guitar playing the melody

15.There'll always be an England

Traditional full sung version.


Traditional full sung version.

17.Land of Hope & Glory

Traditional full instrumental version.

18.We'll Meet Again

Traditional, full song version.

19.Roll Out The Barrel, Don't Dilly Dally, There's A Tavern In The Town, Any Old Iron

A traditional pub medley, with piano & vocals



20.Crowd build up & cheers.

A crowd build up to greet the guest with cheers.

21.You have been brought here this evening to stand trial. Your crimes are great & your sins many. For what you have committed in the past you will now pay. It is too late to repent, Judgement day is here. You have been found guilty & the punishment in instant & will now be bestowed upon on you with great vengeance. Congratulations Mortal One This Is Your Surprise Party

A somber backing with Vincent Price impression



22.The Halloween Opener

An atmospheric old house to a Happy Halloween VO

23.Halloween night, with the DJ that likes to say (laugh)

Atmospheric male voice.

24.Halloween .... Mmm That's Spooky

Atmospheric voice.

25.Take care on the way home tonight. Somebody unexpected may be waiting for you.

Spooky bed with spooky voice & evil laugh at the end.



26.The Love Story

The classic tune, for incidental music or a VO bed.

General Jingles

27.Ooohhhhh. I love to love you baby

Deep male voice.

28.I love Valentines night

Cheesey moans & groans, then a female VO

29.Lots Of Love

A short sax sting going into the deep male voice.

30.Cupid, draw back your bow, & let your arrow flow. Straight through my lovers heart. Valentine Celebes.

A male soulfully sung line, followed by straight greeting.

The Slow Set Starts

31.Get grinding, as we play the slowies on Valentine night.

A straight male voice followed by female moans.

32.Every guy, grab a girl, every where, around the world.

A soulfully sung line.

33.OK Ladies & gentlemen, let's try & keep it clean tonight then please.

A burst of 'Love is in the air' ended with gun fire & Basil Fawlty

Valentine Humour

34.On this night of love, we now go to our secret microphone located on the dance floor

The straight VO into a montage of cheesey snogging.

35.Cheesey OTT Snog & Groans

36.The classic Valentine night game: Toss a coin. If she wins, its flowers & a romantic dinner at an expensive French restaurant. & if the guy wins...well it's a good evening & welcome to tonight's disco, Stav's Kebaby is open till! - "Hello everybody peeps"

A comment on guys general lack of interest on Valentines night.

37.The Unfortunate Cupid's Arrow Sketch.

A sketch with Cupid hitting the wrong target with his arrow!



38.The Loyal Toast. My Lords Ladies & Gents The Queen

Mace knocks lead to a traditional toast with formal VO

39.My Lords Ladies & gentlemen, your attention please.

Mace knocks lead into a formal voiceover.



40.Goodbyee Song.

41.So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye.

42.Bring Me Sunshine (Morecambe & Wise Theme)

43.Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye

All the above are traditional instrumental versions.



44.My Lords Ladies & Gentlemen. Please gather round for the fancy dress competition. Our specially selected panel of judges are ready to adjudicate on this fine selection of fancy dress. All those who wish to be considered for our special prize please come forward onto the dance floor now.

A regal fanfare into a formal voice. Leading into the next track . Set your CD player to single play to avoid the parade music bed.

45.Parade Music Bed

Loosely based on 'The Kings New Clothes'.



46.Birdie Song

Modern instrumental version.

47.Charge Of The Gladiators - clowns march.

Instrumental bed

48.Conga Steel Drum Version with guide vocal (120 BPM)

New vocal version at the same tempo & feel as 'Hot Hot Hot'

49.The Hokey Cokey with Victor Meldrew.

A modern interpretation, led by your favourite grouch.



General Jingles

50.Hey, it's time to start dancing, as we start the party!

Fanfare & cheers over this track & cartoon style Voice.

51.OK kids, if there's something you would like to say or something you would like to hear, come up & ask now. We can let everyone know who loves who, or just play some of your favourite songs. Let us know!

A cartoon VO a Loony Tunes style music bed.

52.Adults are so boring!

Cartoony voice with mad laughter

Smoke & Strobes

53.The Smoke Chant


54.Look out! Smoke time

A male VO with warning horn & smoke rushing past.

55.Cover your eye's! Here comes THE STROBE!

Screams enhance this shouted warning.

Wind 'em Up. & Calm 'em Down

56.Do we want the music turned down? or do we want to turn it up!

A male voice with a guitar power chord at the end.

57.This is one to annoy the adults. Come on every body ... lets hear you scream!

An enthusiastic male voice with screams

58.Hey boys & girls its Mr.Blobby! Now, did any understand a single thing he said? That's' right. He said if everyone is good, doesn't make too much noise, & is nice to everyone, then the DJ can go home early.

A patronising male voice with the familiar blobby noises.

The End

59.OK boys & girls, its time to go home now. So I hope you've been over the moon, & I'll see you again soon.

Time To Go Home Music with a patronising male voice.



60.Charge Cheer

A traditional organ playing a crowd hyper.

61.Motivator Cheer.

A traditional organ playing a crowd hyper.

62.We Will Rock You drum bed

The classic drum bed to get crowds to join in.

63.The Boys Are Back In Town

A short choral version.

64.Another One Bites The Dust

A short sting based on the chorus.

65.Let me hear you make some noise!

Male voice with crowd noise



66.Ladies & gentlemen it is my honour this evening to welcome you to our awards ceremony!

Straight voice with music bed.

67.Ladies & gentlemen can we have your attention please for this evenings presentations.

A fanfare start to a straight voice & fanfare finish

68.Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome our special guest, presenting the awards this evening

A fanfare start to a voice & fanfare finish with applause

69.And this evenings winner is ...

Drum roll into a straight voice

70.Ladies & gentlemen, a round of applause as our winner comes up to collect their award.

Straight voice into applause


71.Steptoe & son sketch

Steptoe & Son about a dubious bet on the winner!

72.To our winners tonight ... & to our losers...

Straight voice with sound effects to the winners & losers.



Sports Theme Beds

73.Match of the Day - Football

74.Soul Limbo - Cricket

75.Grandstand - General Sport

Light versions of these themes for use as voiceover beds



76.Quiz night

A deep male voice with multi sound effects.

77."You got it right" sting.

Organ led sting with crowd cheers

78."You got it wrong" sting.

Organ led sting with crowd disappointment

79.Tonight's winners ...

A short pause after "Tonight's winners.." to allow you to announce the winners & it then goes into 'Celebration'.

80.Tonight's losers...

As above for losers into 'Another One Bites The Dust'.



81.The lads night out!

A rowdy crowd cheering with a male voice.

82.OK boys, I hope you've got a big one, so raise it up & welcome our Stripper. Now tantalise but don't touch

Clary impression welcomes a crowd into 'The Stripper'

83.Welcome to tonight's comedian. He is very funny y'know.

Bored brummie voice to indifferent claps sound effect.



84.The girls night out!

A rowdy crowd cheering with a female voice.

85.If I can have your attention please ladies. You know why you are here tonight. You want to see some gorgeous men, with not to many clothes on. Well, without further ado, please welcome tonight's entertainment, & remember ladies, they like it shaken not stirred. Just don't ask where the small change is kept!

A Sean Connery impression with cheers etc.



86.Two old women waiting for the band.

An 'introduce the band' track, with applause sound effect.

87.Back soon

Heavily produced guitar & voice, to a guitar sustain out.

88.I thought they were great pop pickers. Weren't they wonderful. Not arf.

'Wacky' DJ style male voice

89.That's all folks, the band have finished. But please remember they don't object to being bought a drink if you want to show your appreciation.

Cartoony voice over a Loony Tunes music bed.



90.Ladies & gents, boys & girls, welcome to today's fete.

A regal fanfare introduces a straight male voice.

91.The typical fete sketch.

Various voices & sound effects in a comical observation of a typical fete.

92.Ladies & gentlemen. Thank you for attending today's fete & supporting our cause. We have a whole range of different stalls so please make sure you visit them all.

Straight male voice in an 'airport announcement' style.