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Computer Ground Loop Filter RCA to 3.5mm-Connectors-DJ Supplies Ltd
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Computer Ground Loop Filter RCA to 3.5mm


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Ground Loop Isolators
Stop annoying audio inteference from your laptop to your mixer and PA.


Do you have a nasty hum, buzzing or interference coming through when you use your laptop or computer for music playback? Does the interference go away when you're just using the battery?  If so you've got a ground loop!

Very common problem, very easy to fix. You need to break the ground between the computer and your mixer/PA. This ground loop isolator will do exactly that.

No batteries needed, just plug it in and forget.  Fit on the end of the cable coming from your laptop/computer to your mixer/PA. Each isolator carries a stereo signal.

To kill the interference you need to isolate ALL the audio feeds from the computer to your mixer, so make sure you get one isolator for EACH stereo signal line.  This includes using external USB sound cards like the Gigaport, DJ IO, they would need isolating too.


  • Input/output impedance: 20kO
  • Frequency range: 20-30,000Hz
  • Galvanically isolated inputs and outputs
  • 3.5mm Aux Stereo Jack to RCA Connectors
  • Monacor FG-30M (FG30M) 213010



Spread the payments monthly with Payl8r Finance


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